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Greenworks is a place to give space and scope to explore green technology, carbon-reduction, co-working, research and development opportunities, green manufacturing and training.

Greenworks celebrates power in knowledge and encourages a future that is sustainable and prosperous.


Founded by social housing provider Bolton at Home in partnership with Bolton charity Urban Outreach, Greenworks will be a not-for-profit enterprise. Any surplus made from commercial rents will be reinvested into local community projects and initiatives.


Located just off the A666/St Peter’s Way and close to Bolton’s town centre, Greenworks will be Bolton’s first low carbon business park.


Plans for the site include developing a training centre for staff to learn the latest skills in green technologies, which will become commonplace in retrofitting and the building of homes and commercial properties, as well as a range of office, meeting and networking spaces for established companies and start-up businesses specialising in the low-carbon industry.


We are also exploring building a modular training house for staff to develop their trades in a real environment and grow food on the site to help reduce the level of food poverty in the borough.

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