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Planning application submitted!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

We have submitted a planning application to Bolton Council that outlines our plans to redevelop Trinity Retail Park into Greenworks.

We’re planning to start work in the summer, with the first phase of work expected to take around 18 months.

Phase one plans include:

  • the installation of classrooms, training areas, work benches and offices inside the main Greenworks learning unit

  • the development of two floors of storage area for Urban Outreach’s food bank, plus modern waiting, reception and office facilities for the charity

  • a range of external improvements to the units, including a new featured entrance to the Greenworks building, plus a living and breathing wall made up of a variety of plants and vegetation

Phase two plans include exploring future sustainability options such as:

  • solar panels

  • wind turbines

  • rainwater harvesting

  • electric vehicle charging sites

  • a modular training house on site to help people develop their trades in a real environment

We plan for the development to be a not-for-profit enterprise, for revenue to cover costs and to reinvest any surplus into employment and enterprise projects and green technology initiatives.

We’re exploring external funding opportunities and hope to access grants available for green technology to support our work.

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