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Vision and Objectives

We have a clear vision – to develop a regional centre of excellence for

green technology.

We will do this by:


  • Creating a hub for new and existing businesses in renewables and local carbon industries to co-locate and support local supply chain growth, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Developing a training centre for employees to learn the latest green skills and technologies to deliver sustainable development and employment opportunities.

  • Providing a space for carbon literacy training for the local community and businesses.

  • Supporting the humanitarian food response to reduce food poverty by exploring hydroponics and sustainable food growing.

  • Making a major contribution to Bolton’s economic growth and post-pandemic response whilst working towards a sustainable future.

  • Promoting Bolton and Greater Manchester on a national scale as a centre for green innovation and technology.

  • Assisting the growth and development of new businesses and providing green support.

  • Attracting key partnership and external investment opportunities.

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